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Is, Was, That's,

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it, that
is, am, are, it's, that's
ça çé
that is
Çé bon
It's good
Çé byin
It's fine
Çé byin bon
It's very good
Ça çé bon
That is good
Çé bon, ça
It's good, that
Ça çé bon, ça
That is good, that
Mé, ça çé vayan, ça
But, that's nice, that
Ça çé un bon liv
That is a good book
çé té
it was, that was
ça çé té
that was (emphasis)
O, mé, ça çé té bon
Oh, but, that was good
Mô pòv fenm té bèl
My poor wife was beautiful
Piti-çilayé çé bon
These children are good
Piti-çilayé, yé bon, wé
These children, they good, yeah
Çé tô kouzin laba?
It's your cousin over there?
Yê nouvo lamézon çé laba
Their new house is over there
Yê piti-yé mové, wé
Their children bad, yeah
Piti-çila çé mové
This chid is bad
Piti-çála té mové
That child was bad
Ça fyær, ça
That's proud, that
Ça çé mové, ça
That's bad, that
Mé wé, çé bon
But yes, that's good