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mô piti-yé
my children
nô famiy-yé
our families
tô shin-yé
your (sg) dogs
yê bèl famiy
their beautiful family
mové piti-çilayé
these bad children
vô vayan piti-yé
your (pl) awesome children
tô vayan piti-yé
your (sg) awesome children
nô sha mæg
our skinny cat
mô jènn fenm
my young wife
sô nouvo mari
her new husband
vyé légliz-la
the old church
vyé légliz-yé
old churches
vyé légliz-layé
the old churches
bon piti-la
the good child
bon piti-layé
the good children
bon piti-yé
good children
bon piti-çila
this good child
bon piti-çála
that good child
bon piti-çilayé
these good children
bon piti-çálayé
those good children
yê nouvo lamézon
their new house