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Ça isit
This (here)
Ça isit çé
This (here) is
There, Now, Well
Lá, çé
That (there) is
Ça isit cé mô liv
This is my book
Lá, çé tô liv
That is your book
Lá, çé tô kouzin?
That is your cousin (male)?
Non, ça isit çé mô kouzin
No, this is my cousin (male)
Ça isit çé tô kouzinn
This is your(sg) cousin (female)
La çé un lapin
That is a rabbit
Ça isit çé un lapin
This is a rabbit
La çé un bèl shin
That is a beautiful dog
Ça isit çé un sha mâg
This is a skinny cat
Ça isit çé un bèl sha
This is a beautiful cat
Ga, yê bèl lamézon
Look, their beautiful house
Lá çé lamézon-la
That is the house
Ça isit çé vyé légliz-la
This is the old church
La çé un vyé légliz
That is an old church