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Present, Past tense Regular É verbs

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mo pens
I think
to parl
you(sg) talk/speak
li shant
she/he/it sings
no linm
we like/love
vou kout
you (pl) listen
yé tend
they hear
mo bliy
I forget
to trouv
you (sg) find
li manj
he/she/it eats
nouzòt dans
we dance
vouzòt shar
you (pl) chat/gossip
yé marsh
they walk
mo komens
I start
nou vwayaj
we travel
mo té pensé
I thought
mo té parlé
I talked/spoke
mo té shanté
I sang
mo té linmé
I liked/loved
mo té kouté
I listened
mo té tendé
I heard
mo té bliyé
I forgot
mo té trouvé
I found
mo té manjé
I ate
mo té dansé
I danced
mo té sharé
I chatted/gossiped
mo té marshé
I walked
mo té komensé
I started
mo té vwayajé
I traveled
to té parlé
you talked/spoke
li té shanté
he/she/it sang
no té linmé
we loved/liked
vou té kouté
you(pl) listened
yé té tendé
they heard
to té trouvé
you found
li té manjé
he/she/it ate
nouzòt té dansé
we danced
vouzòt té sharé
you(pl) chatted/gossiped
yé té marshé
they walked
nou vwayajé
we traveled