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Negation of Regular É Verbs

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Mo kash
I hide
Mo té kashé
I hid
Mo kash pa
I do not hide
Mo té pa kashé
I did not hide
Li arèt
He stops
Li té arété
He stopped
Li arèt pa
He does not stop
Li té pa arété
He did not stop
To galòp
You run
To té galopé
You ran
To galòp pa
You do not run
To té pa galopé
You did not run
Ann sèy
Ann tries
Ann té séyé
Ann tried
Ann sèy pa
Ann does not try
Ann té pa séyé
Ann did not try
André travay
André works
André té travayé
André worked
André travay pa
André does not work
André té pa travayé
André did not work