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to want
to know
to do, to make
to be born
I want
mo t'olé
I wanted
mo p'olé
I do not want
mo té p'olé
I did not want
you want
vouzòt olé
you (pl) want
zòt olé
y'all want
mo konné
I know
mo té konné
I knew
mo pa konné
I don't know
mo té pa konné
I did not know
to konné
you know
mo fé
I do, I make
mo té fé
I did, I made
mo pa fé, mo fé pa
I don't do, I don't make
mo té pa fé
I did not do, I did not make
yé fé
they do, they make
mo té né
I was born
to té né
you were born
mo té pa né
I was not born
Mè, mò, mo pa konné, mò
Well, me, I don't know, me
Zòt olé manjé?
Y'all want to eat?
Mo té né a Lafayette
I was born in Lafayette
Yé fé bon gombo
They make good gumbo
Yé té fé bon gombo
They made good gumbo
M'olé poulé
I want chicken
Ça çé sô sœr, to konné
That is his sister, you know
To fé ça?
You make that?
fé grosri
make groceries