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Ça fé frèt
It's cold
Ça fé sho
It's hot (weather)
Ça fé mové
It's bad (weather)
Ça fé kouvè
It's cloudy
Ça fé brouyé
It's foggy
Ça fé un ta diven
It's windy
Ça fé pouri
It's nasty (weather)
Ça fé bo
It's nice (weather)
Ça fé bèl
It's beautiful (weather)
Ça fé tonèr é néklèr
It's thundering and lightning
Ça té fé frèt
It was cold (weather)
Ça té fé sho
It was hot (weather)
Ç'apé mouyé
It's raining
Ç'apé néjé
It's snowing
Çé t'apé mouyé
It was raining
Çé t'apé néjé
It was snowing
Tem-la bèl
The weather is beautiful
Tem-la bo
The weather is nice
Tem-la té bèl
The weather was beautiful
Lapli apé tombé
The rain is falling
Tem-la brouyasé
It's drizzling
Un gro tempèt apé vini
A big storm is coming