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Irregular I-Verbs, Present, Past Tenses

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Yé vyin
They come
Yé té viní
They came
Yé sòr
They come from
Yé té sortí
They came from
Yé hayi
They hate
Yé té hayí
They hated
Yé sen
They feel
Yé té sentí
They felt
tou swa
all evening
all the time
at all
pa ditou
not at all
Mo finí
I'm done
Yé té shwazí shar blé-la
They chose the blue cär
Mo kouri
I go
Mo té kourí
I went
Li sòr Rivyé Dékònn
She is from Cane River
Bébé-la apé dormi
The baby is sleeping
Mo té dormí tou swa
I slept all evening
Li vyin isi toultem, li
He comes here all the time, him
Li té viní isi toultem, li
He came here all the time, him
Mo té kwí asmatin, mò
I cooked this morning, me
To dòr byin toultem
You sleep well all the time
Mo dòr pa byin ditou
I do not sleep well at all
Mé, to di ça toultem
But, you say that all the time
Mé, to té dí ça iyær
But you said that yesterday
Li té rí, rí, rí
He laughed, laughed, laughed