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Mo va kouri fé grosri
I will go to make groceries.
M'alé kouri fé grosri
I'm going to go make groceries
Mo va pa kouri fe grosri
I will not go to make groceries
Mo va komensé
I will start
Zòt alé vini ak nouzòt
Y'all going to come with us
Zòt olé vini ak nouzòt
Y'all want to come with us
Yé p'alé vini, non
They are not going to come, no
T'alé tombé kom ça
You are going to fall like that
Li va kouri a légliz
He will go to church
Va asi, twa
Go sit (down), you
M'alé dormi byin byin
I'm will sleep well tonight
M'alé komensé
I'm going to start
Mo va kwi
I will cook
M'alé kwi
I'm going to cook
Mo va pa kwi
I will not cook
Mo p'alé kwi
I'm not going to cook
Mo t'alé kwí
I was going to cook
Mo té p'alé kwí
I was not going to cook