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Mo té partí kouri a magazin-la
I left to go to the store
Mo té partí kouri marshé
I left to go walking
M'olé kwi soupé
I want to cook supper
Li té bliyé prenn sô liv
He forgot to take his book
Mo pa kapab galopé ojordi
I'm not able to run today
M'olé shanté
I want to sing
Yé linm dansé
They love to dance
Yé té linmé dansé
They loved to dance
Li té bliyé kouri la
He forgot to go there
M'olé li pou kouri
I want him to go
Mo bezwin twa pou kwi
I need you to cook
Li té kité yé pou kouri shé li
He left them to go home
Mo té kourí iyær pou shanté
I went yesterday to sing
Li té komensé marshé a lékòl
He started to walk to school
To té kouri a légliz
You went to church
To té partí kouri a légliz
You left to go to church
To té partí pou légliz
You left for church