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Pas un bon jounné
Pass(sg) a good day/Have a good day
Pasé un bon jounné
Pass (pl) a good day/Have a good day
Bliy pa tô largen
Don't forget(sg) your money
Pa bliyé vô largen
Don't forget(pl) your money
Bliy li
Forget(sg) him
Bliyé li
Forget(pl) him
Va shærshé un liv
Go look for a book
Va shærshé un liv pou lir
Go look for a book to read
Marsh a légliz avèk mò
Walk(sg) to church with me
Marshé a légliz avèk mò
Walk(pl) to church with me
Vyin wa
Come(sg) see
Vini wa
Come(pl) see
Vyin isi
Come(sg) here
Vini isi
Come(pl) here
Pèl tô mær pou mò
Call(sg) your mother for me
Shant un bon shanson
Sing(sg) a good song
Shanté un bon shanson
Sing(pl) a good song
Shant pa
Don't sing(sg)
Pa shanté
Don't sing(pl)