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blond hair
pale ​yellow or ​golden hair
arouse interest
to make someone be interested SYN pique interest
attend a seminar
to go to a seminar
fundamentally different
different in every way that is important or basic
flatly contradict
to contradict in a direct and definite way that is not likely to change. to disagree with something, especially by saying that the opposite is definitely true
lick of paint
informal a layer of paint used to make something more attractive‧
panel of experts
a team of experts
words of wisdom
the things that someone says or writes which indicates good sense and judgment, based especially on their experience of life سخنان حکیمانه
come up with a suggestion
to suggest
run up a bill
to use a lot of something so that you have a big bill to pay
adhere to the principles
to stick firmly to the principles even when it is difficult
economy drive
effort to reduce expenses
play the stock market
to risk money on the stock market
make friends
to be friends with someone
heavy rain
with a lot of water coming down
alight from a bus
formal to get off a bus
make a mistake
to do something wrong
of great importance
the quality of being very important
arouse expectation
to make someone expect something
a coat of paint
a layer of paint that is put on something
acid rain
rain which contains pollution
torrential rain
very heavy rain SYN pouring rain
pouring rain
very heavy rain SYN torrential rain
driving rain
heavy rain that is falling fast or being blown along
an honest mistake
a mistake, and not a deliberate action
blissfully happy
extremely happy and not worried by anything
blissful ignorance
happy because you do not know about something bad
spectacular mountain
very impressive mountain
mountainous area
an area with a lot of mountains
picturesque place
very pretty or charming : like a painted picture
a whole range
a wide/broad range
secluded place
very private and quiet place
stylish furnishings
fashionable and attractive objects that tend to increase comfort or utility
breathtaking view
extremely beautiful and impressive view
relaxing/leisurely drink
that you drink in a slow relaxed way
spacious room
large room
get down to work
start work
manual work
work done with your hands
legal work
work done by lawyers
reserve the right to do sth
formal have the right to do sth
pop the question
informal to ask someone to marry you