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speak well/highly of
say good things about someone
strictly speaking
used to say that something is true if you are going to be very exact and correct about it
generally speaking
used to introduce a statement that is true in most cases but not always
roughly speaking
used when saying something without giving exact details or information
tell sb's fortune
to tell someone what will happen to them in the future by looking at their hands, using cards etc
so to speak
used to highlight the fact that one is describing something in an unusual or metaphorical way
speak one's mind
to tell people exactly what you think, even if it offends them
speak volumes
to provide a lot of information, especially in an indirect way
speak ill of
say bad things about someone
talk sense into
to persuade someone to behave sensibly
you're a fine one to talk
spoken used to tell someone they should not criticize someone else’s behaviour because their own behaviour is just as bad
talk in riddles
to deliberately talk in a strange and confusing way
talk shop
discuss matters concerning one's work, especially at a social occasion when this is inappropriate
talk dirty
to talk in a sexual way to someone in order to make them feel sexually excited
be like talking to a brick wall
spoken used to say that it is annoying to speak to someone because they do not pay attention to you
tell tales
British English to say something that is not true about someone else, in order to cause trouble for them – used especially about children
all told
altogether, when everyone or everything has been counted
tell me about it
used to say that you already know how bad something is, especially because you have experienced it yourself
there is no telling
used to say that it is impossible to know what has happened or what will happen next
give a reason
correct this: say a reason
impart knowledge
transfer knowledge
divulge a secret
reveal a secret
disseminate information
spread information to as many people as possible
protest one's innocence
to state very firmly that you are innocent, when other people do not believe you
profess ignorance
to claim (insincerely) to be ignorant
break the news
tell someone some bad news