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Collocations with phrasal verbs

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abide by the decision
to accept and obey a decision even though you may not agree with it
a secret warning or piece of information, especially one given to the police about illegal activities
soak up the atmosphere
to enjoy a place by watching it or becoming involved in it
keep up appearances
to pretend that everything in your life is normal and happy even though you are in trouble, especially financial trouble
keep up a skill
to continue to practise a skill so that you do not lose it
work up an appetite
to make yourself hungry especially by doing physical exercise
live up to expectations
to act or be in accordance with expectations
burst into tears
to suddenly begin to cry
burst into laughter
to suddenly begin to laugh
dip into savings
to use some of an amount of money that you have saved
jot down some information
to write a short piece of information quickly