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Strong, fixed and weak collocations

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mitigating circumstances/factors
facts about a situation that make a crime or bad mistake seem less serious
extenuating circumstances/factors
formal facts or reasons which make you feel that it was reasonable for someone to break the usual rules, or make you have sympathy for someone who did something wrong or illegal
inclement weather
unpleasantly cold, wet etc
the weather breaks
the weather stops being good
auburn hair
reddish brown hair
deliriously happy
extremely exited and happy
adjourn a meeting/trial
to suspend a meeting or trial indefinitely or to another time
to and fro
back and forth; backward(s) and forward(s)
broad area/field
including a lot of different things
broad smile
big smile
in broad daylight
happening in the daylight and in public (در روز روشن)
broad hint
a very clear and easy to understand hint
broad church
an organization that contains a wide range of options
broad humor
a humor rather rude or concerned with sex
broad accent
strong accent
make an effort
put effort into (doing) sth
try hard to do sth
take the effort out of sth
make sth easy
relief floods through sb
literary to feel relief
pain relief
reduction of pain
relief map
a map that uses different colors or textures to show the height or depth of mountains, hills, valleys, etc.
famine relief
food given to people facing famine
flood relief
money, food, clothes etc given to people who suffer a flood
in broad agreement
generally in agreement
broad outline
general outline: the main ideas or parts of something rather than all the details
broad assessment
general assessment: that covers the main features or parts of something, not the details