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Granmatieal categories of collocation

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draw up a contract
to write a contract
draw up a list
to write a list
pass up a chance
fail to take advantage of a chance
pass up an opportunity
fail to take advantage of an opportunity
withstand an impact
to not be harmed or affected by an impact (the act or force of one thing hitting another)
withstand pressure
to bear pressure
opportunity arises
opportunity comes up
standards slip
standards fall/decline
spate of attacks
series/wave of attacks
river is in spate
river is very full and the water is flowing very quickly
barrage of questions
lots of questions that are said at the same time, or very quickly one after another
barrage of criticism
lots of criticism that are said at the same time, or very quickly one after another
at a/one stroke
with a single sudden action
on the stroke of seven
at exactly seven o'clock
stroke of luck/fortune
sudden, unexpected piece of luck
snippet of information
small piece of information; bit of information
snippet of conversation
bit of conversation
idle threat
simply a threat; not a serious threat
bone idle
extremely lazy
vain hope
a hope unlikely to be fulfilled
vain attempt
an attempt which fails to achieve a desired result
vain promise
a promise unlikely to be kept(=fulfilled)
vain threat
literary a threat which is not worrying because the person cannot do what they say
Mount Everest
correct this phrase: ''Everest Mountain"
hold/mount/stage an exhibition
formal have an exhibition
mount an event
to plan, organize, and begin an event or a course of action
mounting concern
growing concern
mount a horse
formal to get on a horse
mount the stairs
formal to go up the stairs
simple/plain truth
the truth, with nothing added, left out, or hidden
stunningly attractive
extremely attractive
fail miserably
to fail and become extremely unhappy
with reckless abandon
without caring about the danger
burst into song
to suddenly begin to sing
foam at the mouth
to have bubbles coming out of your mouth because you are very ill
disease spreads
disease affects more people بیماری شایع می شود
evidence suggests
to suggest due to evidence
smoke rises
smoke comes up
teeth chatter
teeth hit together quickly because of cold or being afraid
wind howls
wind makes a lot of noise باد زوزه می‌کشد
gentle breeze
gentle wind نسیم ملایم