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abject poverty
the state of being extremely poor
abject misery
extreme unhappiness
abject failure
the state of being extremely unsuccessful
abject terror
a feeling of extreme fear
abject apology
formal an apology that shows you feel very ashamed
cast aspersions on
formal to suggest that someone is not as truthful, honest etc as they seem
cast light on/onto
to provide new information about something, making it easier to understand
cast doubts on
to make people feel less certain about something
cast an eye on/over
to examine or read something quickly in order to judge whether it is correct, good etc
cast a spell on/over
to use magic words or acts to change someone or something
cast mind back
to try to remember something that happened in the past
planning application
an official request for permission to build something
utter chaos
total chaos
utter a prayer
formal to say a prayer
cinema release
the showing of a new film at the cinema
release grip/hold on
let go of sth (=stop holding sth)
pay tribute to
to praise and admire publicly
exceed one's expectations
to be better than expectations
exceed one's authority
to go beyond authority
niggling doubt
a slight doubt that you cannot stop thinking about
catch a ferry
take a ferry (=a boat carrying people, cars etc.)
light reading
a reading not serious in meaning, style, or manner, and only intended to entertain people
file for divorce
to start the legal divorce process