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submit assignment
formal to give assignment to someone in authority for them to consider or approve
have a word with
to talk to someone quickly
not have the foggiest/faintest idea
spoken to not know at all
do/take a degree in
to study for a degree (in some feild or somewhere)
win support
gain/attract support
designated area
area chosen for a particular purpose
fuel consumption
amount of fuel that is used
give a ring
British English informal to call someone
make a bid for
to try to get an important job or a position of power - used mainly in newspapers
be running a temperature
to have a body temperature that is higher than normal, especially because you are sick
get off to sleep
to go to sleep or help a child go to sleep
fill a prescription
get the drugs a doctor has written that you need
a repeat prescription
a prescription that you have regularly
elevated temperature
a temperature higher than normal SYN high temperature
highest bid
highest offer at an auction