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face up to the fact
to accept and deal with a difficult fact
shoulder the blame
take responsibility for sth bad
foot the bill
to pay for something, especially something expensive that you do not want to pay for
head a team
lead a team
keep someone on their toes
to make sure that someone is ready for anything that might happen
have an eye for
be good at noticing
go hand in hand with
to be closely connected
heavy going
difficult to understand or deal with
get heavy
informal to start behaving in a threatening or strict way
heavy silence/atmosphere
a situation in which people do not speak and feel sad, anxious, or embarrassed
heavy breathing
breathing that is very slow and loud
heavy with something
literary full of sth
rich food
food that contains a lot of butter, cream, or eggs, which make you feel full very quickly OPP light food
heavy meal
with a lot of rich food
heavy responsibility
serious/difficult responsibility
heavy burden
a) sth difficult to carry; b)difficult responsibility
heavy book
a book: a) that weighs a lot; b) with difficult content
weighty tome
a book with difficult content
weighty matter
important and serious matter
with/have a light heart
feeling happy and not worried
slim chance
a small possibility of sth happening
fat chance
informal almost no chance
hopping mad
informal extremely angry
walk straight/right into a job
get a job very easily
hit the rocks
To encounter an especially difficult, troubled, or low point, as in a relationship or some pursuit.
keep pace with
to progress at the same rate as another
with/have a heavy heart
literary feeling very sad