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Intensifying and softening adverbs

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deeply offensive
extremely offensive
slightly offensive
a little bit offensive
spotlessly clean
extremely clean
downright rude
completely rude
thoroughly ashamed
completely ashamed
blatantly obvious
completely obvious especially about sth bad which the responsible person does not seem to be ashamed of
stinking rich
informal extremely rich – used especially when you think this is unfair
widly exaggerated
greatly exaggerated in a way that is not at all realistic
grossly exaggerated
greatly and misleadingly exaggerated
mildly surprised
slightly surprised
vaguely amusing
mildly amusing
loosely related
not closely related OPP intimately related
faintly ridiculous
slightly ridiculous
Absolutely only collocates with adjectives which have strong meanings, eg. absolutely (NOT very) delighted, very (Not absolutely) happy