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Make and verbs that mean make

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make a suggestion
correct this: do/give a suggestion
make a contribution
correct this: have/give a contribution
make an apology
correct this: give an apology
make an improvement
correct this: do an improvement
make arrangements
correct this: do arrangements
have a party
correct this: make a party
do some research
correct this: make some research
make a habit of
have a habit of (doing sth)
make an enemy
become unfriendly with someone
make a fortune
earn a lot of money
make it
to succeed in getting somewhere in time
made it big
was extremely successful
make a living
earn the money one needs to live with
make do and mend
when someone manages with the things they have and does not buy anything new
a marriage made in heaven
a happy and successful marriage
become/be made manifest
be clearly shown
draw/make an analogy
make a comparison
make it
used to say or ask what time it is according to someone's watch, e.g. I ... ten past three.
make it through
to manage to deal with a difficult experience
make a pig of oneself
eat too much
make a dash for
run very quickly to reach a place
make a gesture towards
do something to show that you have some respect for someone or something
make oneself plain
say sth clearly
make room for
to free up some space SYN make (a) space
make one's acquaintance
to meet someone for the first time
stage a protest
to organize and produce a protest SYN make/lodge a protest
lodge a complaint
to make a formal or official complaint
make sense
a)to have a clear meaning and be easy to understand; b)to be a sensible thing to do