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Ніколи не
Я не знаю
I don't know
Я не хочу
I don't want
Я не одягаюся
I don't (get) dress(ed)
Я не плаваю
I don't swim
Я не слухаю
I don't listen
Я не співаю
I don't sing
Я не маю
I don't have
Я не читаю
I don't read
Я не думаю (що так)
I don't think (so)
Я ніколи не одягаюся
I never (get) dress(ed)
Я ніколи не плаваю
I never swim
Я ніколи не слухаю
I never listen
Я ніколи не співаю
I never sing