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Wat vindt u daarvan?
What is your perspective of it? (formal)
Wat vind je daarvan?
What do you make of it? (informal)
Wat denk je daarover?
What do you think about...?
Wat denkt u daarover?
What are your thoughts about...?
Wat is uw mening daarover?
What is your view on the matter?
Wat is jouw mening daarover?
What is your take on...? or How do you see...?
Wat is uw opinie daarover?
Would you tell me your opinion on...?
Wat is jouw opinie daarover?
What's your opinion on...?
Wat bedoelt u precies (daarmee)?
Could you elaborate further what you meant with...?
Wat bedoel je precies (daarmee)?
What do you mean exactly when you said...? or What do you mean by...?
Kunt u dat uitleggen?
Could you please explain this/that further?
Kan je dat uitleggen?
Can you explain this/that further?
Wat wilt u daarmee zeggen?
What would you like to convey in relation to this info/issue?
Wat wil je daarmee zeggen?
What do you want to say about this issue/info?