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pretty girl...very pleased with life
and rather excited
(excited) Oh, Gerald...
is it the one you wanted me to have?
But these girls aren't cheap labour,
they're people
(miserably) So I'm really responsible?
(eagerly) And I know I'm to blame- and I'm desperately sorry
(slowly, carefully now) You mustn't
try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl.
You were the wonderful Fairy Prince.
You must have adored it, Gerald.
That's probably the best thing you've said tonight.
At least its honest.
In some odd way,
I rather respect you more than I've ever done before.
(flaring up) It's you two who are being childish-
trying not to face the facts.
But don't you see, if all that's come out tonight is true...
that's what's important- and not whether a man is a police inspector or not.
You began to learn something. And now you've stopped.
You're willing to go on in the same old way.