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perfect tense past participles with AVOIR

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j'ai chanté
I sang, I have sung
j'ai fini
I finished, I have finished
j'ai vendu
I sold, I have sold
j'ai eu
I had, I have had
j'ai été
I was, I have been
J'ai connu
I knew, I have known
j'ai dû
I had to, I have had to
j'ai dit
I said, I have said
j'ai écrit
I wrote, I have written
j'ai fait
I did, I have done
j'ai lu
I read, I have read
j'ai mis
I put, I have put
j'ai pu
I was able to, I have been able to
j'ai pris
I took, I have taken
j'ai reçu
I received, I have received
j'ai su
I knew, I have known
j'ai vu
I saw, I have seen
j'ai voulu
I wanted, I have wanted
j'ai bu
I drank, I have drunk
j'ai conduit
I drove, I have driven
j'ai couru
I ran, I have run
j'ai craint
I feared, I have feared
j'ai peint
I painted, I have painted
j'ai éteint
I turned off/out, I have turned off/out
J'ai cru
I believed, I have believed
j'ai ouvert
I opened, I have opened
j'ai couvert
I covered, I have covered
j'ai découvert
I discovered, I have discovered
j'ai offert
I offered, I have offered
j'ai souffert
I suffered, I have suffered
j'ai ri
I laughted, I have laughed
j'ai suivi
I followed, I have followed
j'ai tenu
I held, I have held