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je suis mort/e
I died, I have died
je suis sorti/e
I went out, I left
je suis venu/e
I came, I have come
je suis allé/e
I went
je suis né/e
I was born
je suis descendu/e
I came down, I have come down
je suis entré/e
I entered, I have entered
je suis resté/e
I stayed, I have stayed
je suis tombé/e
I fell, I have fallen
je suis retourné/e
I returned, I have returned
je suis arrivé/e
I arrived, I have arrived
je suis monté/e
I climbed, I have climbed
je suis parti/e
I left, I have left
je me suis levé/e
I got up
je me suis disputé/e
I argued, I have argued
je me suis entendu/e
I got on with, I have got on with
je me suis bronzé/e
I tanned myself, I have tanned myself