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The amount of charge to pass a point in a circuit in one second
The quantity of charge to pass any section of a conductor in one second when a current of one ampere is flowing
The difference in potential energy per unit charge
Drift Velocity
The average velocity of the free electrons moving in a wire
Ohm's Law
For a conductor at constant temperature, current is proportional to potential difference
Diode (semi-conductor)
Resistance is very high in one direction. It is much lower in the other direction, and decreases as the current rises.
The resistance of a wire of length 1m and area of cross section 1m squared
Power is a measure of how much potential energy is dissipated by a component or circuit in one second
Electromotive Force
is the energy converted to electrical energy when one coulomb of charge passes through it
Why would you use a filament lamp in a circuit?
The filament lamp prevents the current from becoming too large and overloading the ammeter. The filament lamp would act like a fuse. The filament lamp means there is resistance in circuit.