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not in vain
nije uzalud... deaths were ____.
adhere to sth
vjerovati/držati se; prianjati... I do not ____ to any organized religion.
prekršiti... Those are the rules, and anyone who ____ will be severely punished.
kamen temeljac
stepenica na ljestvama
strogo, teško, jako... Their daughter was ____ injured in a car accident.
zbunjivati i zabrinjavati... The disease has continued to ____ doctors.
capital punishment
smrtna kazna
ukinuti, staviti van snage... The tax was ____ in 1977.
očvrsnuti... This attempt will help him to ____ his power.
annual leave
godišnji odmor
oasis of serenity
oaza spokojstva
in broad daylight
usred bijela dana
infantile buffonery
djetinjasto glupiranje... When your dad tells a bad joke at the dinner table but you're too mature for his ___ ____.