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This is how money, trade, people and ideas are spreading around the world increasingly quickly
This means places are linked together and rely on each other more than ever before
Reasons for globalisation
This is generally the improvements in ICT and transport - transport and ICT has become cheaper and faster than ever before
Improvements in ICT
It has become cheaper and faster due to submarine cables and satellites
Improvements in transport
Jumbo jets can take a lot of people in one flight so it is cheaper and easier as well as container ports which means transporting items is easier than ever before
A company contracts some of its work to smaller specialist local companies
This stands for Trans-National Companies
Reasons for becoming a TNC
It may be cheaper to do production else where due to cheaper labour, there is access to a new market in a new place
Advantages of a TNC
It provides jobs, it gives a country additional income and it gives people work training
Disadvantages of a TNC
There is leakage (the money earned by that company is sent off else where) and countries need lower wages and longer working hours to entice businesses over
This is caused by an area gaining factories due to globalisation
This is caused by an area loosing factories due to globalisation
Increased demand for energy
This has come about because there is an increasing world population, there is increasing wealth in places and there are technological advances so more people need energy for their daily jobs
Social impacts of increased energy usage
People's health is decreasing due to smog and pollution, building power plants causes people to have to relocate as well as it causing views to be spoilt but it does create jobs and changing lifestyles means people use buses and bikes more often
Environmental impacts of increased energy usage
There are more waste materials dumped causing damage, there is more deforestation for fuel, there is more mining for materials, there can be oil spillages that caused huge problems (BP Golf of Mexico)
Economic impacts of increased energy usage
Energy resources places become richer and there is a rising demand for fuel
Food demand
People need more food as there is an increased population and there are changing food habits
Social impacts of increased food demand
Cash crop farming is more common, it causes pollution problems and soil erosion can happen due to intensive farming
Economic impacts of increased food demand
It is expensive to farm, farmers get a bigger income and can become rich and there are local food promotions
Environmental impacts of increased food demand
Food miles increase carbon food print, there is important og out of season foods, using manual labour means less emission and energy for storing foods is used
Reducing globalisation impacts
Reduce, reuse recycle, carbon credits and the Kyoto Protocol