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hang out
I ****** with my friends after work
dropped in
I just ****** to tell you about the party of next Saturday
make up for
I ****** lost sleep by having a short nap during the day
take up
I should ****** sport again
take back
I ****** the things I said about him. I'm very sorry
step up
I want to ****** my breasts because I think they are too small
come over
If you ****** this evening we'll watch a movie together
come up with
I'll have to ****** a plan.
add up
It all begins to ****** now
bring up
It helps to ****** the subject early in the visit.
get down to
It is essential that we cooperate effectively and that we ****** work immediately
Keep track
****** of your progress by writing down what you've achieved each day.
wear out
Many people wait until the soles of their shoes ****** before buying a new pair, but that is not a good idea
wait out
Many will prefer to try to ****** the crisis, before doing anything
bend over
Most patients are still able to ******.
look down on
Never ****** someone unless you are helping them to get up
circle back
Or, to say it in a more radical fashion: the making of desirable stories that always ****** to the point of departure, the human condition.
blows up
Our boss ****** every time someone asks him for a rise
come away
Please ****** from the kitchen while I am cooking
let down
She felt ****** when no one came to her party.
move on
That is our starting point and we ****** from there.
showed up
The clown ****** at the start of the birthday party
roll out
The company plans to ****** its new product range in the spring
live on
The number of people in the developing countries who have less than one dollar a day to ****** continues to grow.
is down to you
The success of the project ******
break into
The thieves ****** the house and stole the jewels
come out
Their secret will never ******
pull off
There are simple ways to ****** the smart look
make up
They always ****** after a fight
chase each other around
They ****** the living room
get by
This is a course where there is all the english you need to ****** with confidence
drill down into
This program enables web analytics experts to create and customise reports and offers the possibility to ****** the details
freaked out
Tina ****** when she saw the snake.
take on
Turkey has improved its ability to ****** the obligations of membership.
fell through
We ​found a ​buyer for ​our ​house, but then the ​sale ​******.
broke up
We ****** after 10 years of marriage
called in
We ****** my sister while she was in the hospital
take over
****** the meeting for me, I'll be back in a moment.
get through
We have some tough and difficult climbs to ****** at the moment.
set off
We will have to ****** very early to avoid the rush hour traffic
pig out
When I was small, I used to ******
get along
why don't you ******?, you are always arguing
wipe out
With this new weapon, we will be able to ****** our enemies
call off
You may ****** the deal, because they have discovered us
get used to
You will soon ****** working the night shift
step on
Your friendliness is causing them to ****** you at work.
cancel out
I would also like to insist, however, that one issue does not ****** the other
cover up
Manny asked her mother to ****** when the dron was over her
left behind
They were talking about which would be ****** by their friends if they would broke up
picking out
Jay is a master in ****** cakes