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pick up
All children ****** things from the floor
picked up
It was so boring and I nearly fell asleep, but fortunately the second half ****** a bit
picked up
Trade ****** slowly over the next six months
pick up
Can I ****** on the point you were talking about before she interrupted us?
pick up
Dogs can ****** sounds well beyond the range of our own hearing
picked up
she ****** the phone and called him
ripped off
Phil has been ****** by a man he doesn't know
snipped off
The country's censor board in India has ****** a few seconds from the latest James Bond film Spectre
stir up
I think he, in general, knows what he's doing, and he does this intentionally to ****** the crowd.
summed up
the scale of the task is vast but that it can be ****** pretty simply.
look ahead
We must move on and ******.
looking forward to
I'm ****** hearing from you
look into
I am quite prepared to ****** this question again in more detail
look out for
We will ****** each other when we will get old
look up to
Gandhi is such a wonderful person to ******.
bundled up
The man ****** my fish and chips in newspaper.
Check out
****** this expert advice from some of the nation's top doctors.
start over
Continue this one or ****** and try to make less strategy mistakes than we did
lie down
Do not allow your child to ****** or go to bed right after a meal.
pick up
European Space Agency is exploring a system that can ****** signals from anywhere on the globe.
fitted out
He ****** the whole house with new furniture.
took apart
He ****** the broken machine to prevent children from damaging
back up
He tried to ****** his car in the busy road
get my files back
How do I ****** if my computer stops working?
set up
How do I ****** a press conference?
screw up
I always ****** on my tests! I really need to study more
feel down
I found a good doctor who is very interested in my family life and who helps me when I ******.
run into
I **** a friend I haven't seen for years
meet up
I will **** my friends next Friday to have lunch
catch up
If they want to ****, they will have to work harder
back up
I'm going to ***** what he said because I was also there
wrap up
**** if you are going outside, you don't want to catch a cold
calm down
El yoga ayuda a ****
cancel out
I would also like to insist, however, that one issue does not ****** the other
cover up
Manny asked her mother to ****** when the dron was over her
left behind
They were talking about which would be ****** by their friends if they would broke up
picking out
Jay is a master in ****** cakes
take away
If you ****** people's guns, they won't be able to kill you.
make sure
Did the guy ****** that the new computer was good enough for me?
make up to
We lied you so we wanted to ****** you, that's why we bought these flowers
get rid
I suppose I could try to ****** of the golfball
reach out
I feel like I could ****** and touch you
let the fresh air in
I'll open the window to ******
grown up
I'm trying to be sophisticated an ******
are aware
As you ******, the salmon lives in well-oxigenated water
come across
You are the person who I have had the fortune to ******
carried out
An internet investigation has been ******
live on
The number of people in the developing countries who have less than one dollar a day to ****** continues to grow.
put together
I **** a delicious sandwich every day
break down
My car broke down yesterday. I can't use it