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reach out to
we can **** the developing countries
been by
I've ****** many times and I've never came in
pick up
Dogs can ****** sounds well beyond the range of our own hearing
take down
I think I should ****** the picture of my husband after the divorce
take off
The boss wants to see you before you ****** this afternoon
carry the inca city away
In minutes, land slides could ******
pay off
the incas could ****** the taxes they owed by working in the quarry
line trains up
When I was a child I loved to ******
walked away
I couldn't start since you ******
break from
I never wanted to ****** being a genius
break through
we are finally going to ******
tag along
I heard you guys were going to the concert tonight. Mind if I ******?
broke down
My car ****** yesterday. I can't use it
is made up of
Our society ****** all kinds of organisations
carrying out
There are people ****** the work of a manager although they do not have that tilte
face up to
They will make decisions about how to ****** the competition
throw up
don't ****** in my car
turn away
it is hard to ****** from your family
go over
Let’s ****** these questions one more time before the test
sort out
Technicians can ****** a technical problem
spell out
could you ****** the advantatges of the system?
sell out
If the firm doesn't make a profit, the owners will ******
make out
Would you ****** the cheque to him?
buy the company out
The managers will ****** in order to take over the firm
sounded out
I understand one possible candidate has been ******
brought out
The company has ****** a new perfume
turns out
The firm ****** about five hundred cars a year
pull out
several banks have ****** of the country
set on
This is a story ****** a tropical island
rings out
a gunshot ******
digs up
He ****** the treasure
rushes off
he ****** to find a ship
tap into
Several websites are beginning to ****** the power of the social networking model for social good
give out
I'll never ****** personal information such as my name, home address, school name or telephone number on the Internet.
kept on
I ****** shouting until he finally heard me and waved.
get through
We have some tough and difficult climbs to ****** at the moment.
pick up
Can I ****** on the point you were talking about before she interrupted us?
broke up
We ****** after 10 years of marriage
work out
It's a story about murder and intrigue and a detective who has to ****** who has committed a very serious crime.