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the/that (NOM masc sing)
the/that (GEN masc sing)
the/that (DAT masc sing)
the/that (ACC masc sing)
the/those (NOM masc plur)
the/those (GEN masc plur)
the/those (DAT masc plur)
the/those (ACC masc plur)
sa dags
the day (NOM sing)
þis dagis
the day (GEN sing)
þamma daga
the day (DAT sing)
þana dag
the day (ACC sing)
þai dagos
the days (NOM plur)
þize dage
the days (GEN plur)
þaim dagam
the days (DAT plur)
þans dagans
the days (ACC plur)
sa bagms
the tree (NOM sing)
sa hlaifs
the bread (NOM sing)
þis hlaibis
the bread (GEN sing)
þamma hlaiba
the bread (DAT sing)
þana hlaif
the bread (ACC sing)
þai hlaibos
the breads (NOM plur)
þize hlaibe
the breads (GEN plur)
þaim hlaibam
the breads (DAT plur)
þans hlaibans
the breads (ACC plur)
sa wair
the man (NOM sing)
þis wairis
the man (GEN sing)
sa laufs
the leaf (NOM sing)
þai laubos
the leaves (NOM plur)
laubos bagmis
a tree's leaves, leaves of a tree, tree leaves
laubos þis bagmis
(the) leaves of the/that tree
þai laubos þis bagmis
the leaves of that tree
in (+GEN)
about, because of
in (+DAT)
in, on (a place)
in (+ACC)
into, onto (a place)
du (+DAT)
fram (+DAT)
by, from, since
ana (+DAT)
on, in (an area)
ana (+ACC)
onto, into (an area)
us (+DAT)
out of, away from, since
(he, she, it) is, there is
(they) are, there are
(he, she it) was, there was
(they) were, there were
sa wigs
the road
sa himins
the sky, heaven
sa akrs
the field
sa skalks
the slave, the servant
sa wulfs
the wolf
ana wiga sind
(They) are on the road.
in himina ist
(It) is in the sky.
sa skalks ana akra ist
The slave is in a field.
sa skalks was ana akra
The slave was in a field.
was ana þamma akra wulfs
There was a wolf in the field.
sa þiudans
the king
sa stains
the stone
sa sitls
the nest; seat, stall.
sa winds
the wind
sa fugls
the bird
sa fisks
the fish
and, also
sa asts
the branch
sa hunds
the dog
sa ligrs
the bed
þai hlaibos
the breads
þai skalkos
the slaves
þai astos
the branches
þai wairos
the men
þai fiskos jah þai hlaibos
the fishes and the breads
sa þiudans jah sa skalks
the king and the slave
akros þiudanis
fields of (the) king
astos bagmis
branches of a tree, tree branches
fuglos himine
birds of (the) skies
asts bagmis
a branch of a tree, tree branch
skalks þiudanis
a slave of (the) king
hunds þis skalkis
a dog of the slave
stainos þis akris
stones of that field
skalks þis wairis
a slave of that man
laufs þis bagmis
a leaf of that tree
sitls þize fugle
(the) nest of these birds
ligrs þis skalkis
(the) bed of the slave
hundos jah wulfos
dogs and wolves
in fugle himinis
about (the) birds of (the) sky
in þamma sitla
in the seat
ana þamma akra
on the field
ana þaim bagmam
on the trees
fram þaim wigam
from the roads
us himina
out of heaven
du þamma þiudana
to the king
ana asta þis bagmis
on a branch of the tree
ana þana akr
onto the field
in himinans
into (the) heavens
in hunde jah wulfe
because of dogs and wolves
in hlaibis jah fiskis
about bread and fish
du þaim wairam
to the men
du himinam
to (the) heavens
ana þamma staina
on the stone
fram þaim bagmam
from the trees
in wigans jah akrans
into roads and fields
ana sitla þis fuglis
into (the) nest of the bird
us wigam jah akram
out of roads and fields
us þaim stainam
out of the stones
fram þamma hunda
from the dog
sa þiudans ana wiga ist
The king is on a road.
þai fuglos ana þaim bagmam sind
The birds are on on the trees.
was ana þamma akra skalks
There was a slave on the field.
hunds þis skalkis was ana ligra
(The) dog of the slave was on (the) bed.
was winds us himina
There was a wind out of (the) sky.
ƕar sind þai fiskos
Where are the fishes?
ƕar sind sa wair jah sa hunds
Where are the man and the dog?
wesun ana þamma asta fuglos
There were birds on the branch.
wesun in þamma wiga stainos
There were stones on the road.