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the/that (NOM sing fem)
the/that (GEN sing fem)
the/that (DAT sing fem)
the/that (ACC sing fem)
the/those (NOM & ACC plur fem)
the/those (GEN plur fem)
the/those (DAT plur)
so giba
the gift (NOM)
þizos gibos
the gift (GEN)
þizai gibai
the gift (DAT)
þo giba
the gift (ACC)
þos gibos
the gifts (NOM & ACC)
þizo gibo
the gifts (GEN)
þaim gibom
the gifts (DAT)
large (NOM sing fem)
large (NOM & ACC plur fem)
sa harjis
the army (NOM)
þis harjis
the army (GEN)
þamma harja
the army (DAT)
þana hari
the army (ACC)
þai harjos
the armies (NOM)
þize harje
the armies (GEN)
þaim harjam
the armies (DAT)
þans harjans
the armies (ACC)
sa siponeis
the disciple (NOM)
þis siponeis
the disciple (GEN)
þamma siponja
the disciple (DAT)
þana siponi
the disciple (ACC)
þai siponjos
the disciples (NOM)
þize siponje
the disciples (GEN)
þaim siponjam
the disciples (DAT)
þans siponjans
the disciples (ACC)
þata fairguni
the mountain (NOM & ACC)
þis fairgunjis
the mountain (GEN)
þamma fairgunja
the mountain (DAT)
þo fairgunja
the mountains (NOM & ACC)
þize fairgunje
the mountains (GEN)
þaim fairgunjam
the mountains (DAT)
þata gawi
the district, region (NOM & ACC)
þis gaujis
the district, region (GEN)
þamma gauja
the district, region (DAT)
þo gauja
the districts, regions (NOM & ACC)
þize gauje
the districts, regions (GEN)
þaim gaujam
the districts, regions (DAT)
so sunja
the truth (NOM)
þizos sunjos
the truth (GEN)
þizai sunjai
the truth (DAT)
þo sunja
the truth (ACC)
þos sunjos
the truths (NOM & ACC)
þizo sunjo
the truths (GEN)
þaim sunjom
the truths (DAT)
so wasti
the garment (NOM)
þizos wastjos
the garment (GEN)
þizai wastjai
the garment (DAT)
þo wastja
the garment (ACC)
þos wastjos
the garments (NOM & ACC)
þizo wastjo
the garments (GEN)
þaim wastjom
the garments (DAT)
so mawi
the girl, maiden (NOM)
þizos maujos
the girl, maiden (GEN)
so þiwi
the maid(servant) (NOM)
þizos þiujos
the maid(servant) (GEN)
new (NOM sing masc)
new (NOM plur masc)
new (NOM sing neut)
new (NOM plur neut & sing fem)
new (NOM plur fem)
wild (NOM & GEN sing masc)
wild (NOM plur masc)
wild (NOM sing neut & fem)
wild (NOM & ACC plur neut)
wild (NOM & ACC plur fem)
hungry (nom sing masc)
sad (nom sing masc)
sa wair jah so mawi wesun gredaga
The man and the girl were hungry.
(he, she, it) became
(they) became
sa wair warþ gaurs
The man became sad.
þata waldufni
the power, dominion, authority
ufar (+ACC)
over [motion]
ufar (+DAT)
above [static]
waldufni ufar (+DAT)
power over, dominion over
so þiudangardi
the kingdom, the court
miþ laisarja ize
with their (m.) teacher
so airþa
the earth, the ground
so stibna
the voice
high, lofty, elevated (NOM sing masc)
young (NOM sing masc)
old (not young) (NOM sing masc)
old (not new) (NOM sing masc)
hindar (+ACC)
across, beyond, behind (motion)
hindar (+DAT)
behind, beyond, across (static)
miþ (+DAT)
(number) fram
(number) of
saihs fram þaim maujom
six of those girls
very, much, a lot
harjis himinis
heaven's army
waurda þis laisareis
that teacher's words
gibos þize þiudane
(the) gifts of those kings
diuza þize fairgunje
(the) beasts of these mountains
waldufni þiudanis
a king's authority
sunja þize waurde
(the) truth of these words
siponjos þize laisarje
(the) disciples of these teachers
stibna laisareis
a teacher's voice
wasti þis barnis
a garment of that child
wastjos þizos þiujos
that maid's clothes
þiudangardjos airþos
(the) kingdoms of earth
skalkos jah þiujos
slaves and maids
harjos þize fidwor þiudane
(the) armies of those four kings
agis þizos maujos
that girl's fear
hindar þaim fairgunjam
(is) beyond those mountains
waldufni ufar þiudangardjom airþos
dominion over (the) kingdoms of earth
in sunjai
in truth
in sunjos þize waurde
because of (the) truth of those words
miþ siponjam þis laisareis
with (the) disciples of that teacher
and gauja þis landis
throughout (the) districts of that country
fimf fram þaim gibom
five of those gifts
du stibnai þizos þiujos
to (the) voice of that maidservant
fram himina ana airþa
from heaven onto earth
in wastjo jah gibo
about clothes and gifts
ufar þizai maujai
above that girl
us þamma harja
out of that army
in þiudangardjai himinis
in (the) kingdom of heaven
ufar þamma landa
over that land
jah þata agis warþ mikil filu
and that fear became very great
þai hundos wilþjai sind
those dogs are wild
so mawi warþ gaura
that girl became sad
þo fairgunja hauha sind
those mountains are high
sa skalks was filu gredags
that slave was very hungry
so þiwi ni was gredaga
the maid wasn't hungry
ƕar sind skipa þis harjis ?
where are (the) ships of that army?
akran þize bagme filu goþ ist
(the) fruit of those trees is very good
wastjos þis laisareis ni wesun niujos
(the) clothes of that teacher were not new
þos maujos juggos sind
Those girls are young.
þiudangardi Gudis ana airþai jah in himina ist
(The) kingdom of God is on earth and in heaven.
sa þiudans warþ sineigs jah siuks
The king became old and sick.
sa skalks jah so þiwi waurþun gaura
The slave and the maid became sad.
þata gawi hindar þaim fairgunjam ist
The region is beyond those mountains.
þai siponjos waurþun gredagai
Those disciples became hungry.
ni was giba fram þamma waira
There wasn't a gift from that man.
þos wastjos niujos sind ; fairnjos ni sind
Those clothes are new; they aren't old.
jainar in þamma gauja was fairguni jah þata fairguni was hauh filu
There in that region was a mountain and that mountain was very high.
her ist harjis þis þiudanis , jah sa harjis mikils ist
Here is an army of that king, and that army is large.
jainar sind diuza jah þo diuza mikila jah wilþja sind
In that place are beasts and those beasts are large and wild.
wesun sa skalks jah so þiwi sineiga filu
There were that slave and that very old maid.