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long (NOM sing masc)
long (GEN sing masc & neut)
long (DAT sing masc & neut)
long (ACC sing masc)
long (NOM plur masc & DAT sing fem)
long (GEN plur masc & neut)
long (DAT plur)
long (ACC plur masc)
long (NOM & ACC sing neut)
long (NOM & ACC plur neut & fem sing)
long (GEN sing fem)
long (NOM & ACC plur fem)
long (GEN plur fem)
many, much, numerous (NOM sing masc)
stains mikils
a large stone
skalkos managai
many slaves
ana asta hauhamma
on a high branch
barna haila
healthy children
in akranis ubilis
concerning evil fruit
þiudangardi mikila
a great kingdom
wasti niuja
a new garment
my (NOM sing masc)
your (s.), thy (NOM sing masc)
our (NOM sing masc)
your (p.) (NOM sing masc)
other, second (NOM sing masc)
that, that over there (NOM sing masc)
one (NOM sing masc)
all (NOM sing masc)
full (NOM sing masc)
half (NOM sing masc)
half (GEN sing masc)
enough (NOM sing masc)
middle (NOM sing masc)
þata razn
the house
laisareis unsar
our teacher
waurda laisareis unsaris
words of our teacher
du siponjam þeinaim
to your (s.) disciples
us razna meinamma
out of my house
fram skalkam izwaraim
from your (p.) slaves
ana fairgunja jainamma
on that mountain (over there)
us þiudangardjai jainai
out of that kingdom (over there)
sa sunus meins
that son of mine
þai dagos jainai
those (particular) days
Paitrus jah anþar siponeis
Peter and another disciple
sa siponeis anþar
the other disciple
but, however (after a negative sentence)
(the) dead
(the) blind
(the) lame
(the) leprous
Nist Guþ dauþaize , ak qiwaize
He is not God of the dead, but of the living.
a blind (man, one)
sa frawaurhts
the sinner
his, its (sing.)
her, its (sing.)
their (plur. masc.)
their (plur. fem.)
siponjos is
his disciples
fram (+DAT)
by, from, since
waurda ize (m.)
their words
aƕos is
its rivers
sandida siponjans seinans
He sent his (own) disciples.
gasaƕ siponjans is
(I) saw his disciples.
so aƕa
the river, flood
so saiwala
the soul
so haiþi
the meadow, field
sa asneis
the hired worker
sa motareis
the tax-collector, publican
þata weihs
the village (NOM/ACC)
þis weihsis
the village (GEN)
þata hrot
the roof
sa andeis
the end
þans andins
the ends (ACC plur.)
sa andbahts
the servant
wise, understanding
his, her, its, their
few (masc. plur.)
beloved (NOM sing masc)
beloved (NOM plur masc)
und (+ACC)
up to, to
und hina dag
until this day
und hita
until now
und (+DAT)
for, in exchange for
anþar fairguni
another mountain
anþara fairgunja
other mountains
wulfs gredags
a hungry wolf
wulfos gredagai
hungry wolves
aƕa diupa
a deep river
aƕos diupos
deep rivers
wigs laggs
a long road
wigos laggai
long roads
skalks liufs
a beloved slave
skalkos liubai
beloved slaves
siponeis froþs
a wise disciple
siponjos frodai
wise disciples
laisareis garaihts
a just teacher
laisarjos garaihtai
just teachers
saiwala liuba
a beloved soul
saiwalos liubos
beloved souls
sa asneis
the hired worker
þai asnjos
the hired workers
andbahts halts
a lame servant
andbahtos haltai
lame servants
hrot hauh(ata)
a high roof
hrota hauha
high roofs
anþar weihs
another village
anþarai weihsos
other villages
wair blinds
a blind man
wairos blindai
blind men
giba mikila
a large gift
gibos mikilos
large gifts
stains leitils
a small stone
stainos leitilai
small stones
haiþi jaina
that meadow (over there)
haiþjos jainos
those meadows (over there)
anþara wasti
another garment
anþaros wastjos
other garments
sitls leitils
a small seat
sitlos leitilai
small seats
sa andbahts anþar
the other servant
þai andbahtos anþarai
the other servants
bagms hauhs
a tall tree
bagmos hauhai
tall trees
asts laggs
a long branch
astos laggai
long branches
hunds wilþeis
a wild dog
hundos wilþjai
wild dogs
so giba anþara
that other gift
þos gibos anþaros
those other gifts
motareis sineigs
an old tax-collector
motarjos sineigai
old tax-collectors
stibna laisareis unsaris
(the) voice of our teacher
saiwala þiudanis jainis
(the) soul of that king
stainos haiþjos jainaizos
stones of that meadow (over there)
wigos weihsis ize
(the) roads of their (m.) village
astos bagme jainaize
branches of those trees (over there)
skalks þis motareis
a slave of the tax-collector
andjos airþos
(the) ends of earth
fiskos þizos aƕos
fish of this river
hlaifs asnje is
(the) bread of his workers
waurda siponje meinaize
(the) words of my disciples
sunja witodis ize
(the) truth of their (m.) law
diuza gaujis jainis
(the) beasts of that region (over there)
stibna þiujos þeinaizos
(the) voice of your (s.) maid
wastjos þiujos izos
(the) garments of her maid
stibnos haltaize jah blindaize
(the) voices of the lame and the blind
waurda þiudanis izwaris
(the) words of your (p.) king
waldufni ufar garaihtaim jah inwindaim
power over the just and the unjust
andeis þis wigis
(the) end of this road
in saiwalai seinai
in his soul
ana hrota meinamma
on my roof
hindar fairgunja jaina
(go) behind that mountain (over there)
miþ siponjam þeinaim
with your (s.) disciples
fram weihsa unsaramma
from our village
us andbahtam is
out of his servants
und þata gawi
up to the district
us haiþjai jainai
out of that meadow (over there)
and wigans landis izwaris
along (the) roads of your (p.) country
miþ þamma motarja
with the tax-collector
neƕa aƕai diupai
near a deep river
hindar akr þeinana
(go) beyond your field
inuh laisari meinana
without my teacher
fram andjam airþos
from (the) ends of earth
und andins þiudangardjos is
up to (the) ends of his kingdom
ana þo haiþja
onto that meadow
in saiwalo garaihtaize
about (the) souls of (the) just
inuh þiujos izos
without her maids
and fidwor windans
along four winds (=directions)
miþ laisarja ize
with their (m.) teacher
und andi himinis
up to (the) end of heaven
wesun ana þamma hrota fuglos managai
There were many birds on that roof.
her in þizai aƕai fawai fiskos sind
Here in this river are few fish.
ana þamma fairgunja was weihs leitil
On that mountain was a small village.
waurþun siponjos is filu gredagai
His disciples became very hungry.
aƕos þis landis ni sind diupos
(The) rivers of this land aren't deep.
jainar nist hlaifs gredagaim
In that place is no bread (for the) hungry
was ana þizai haiþjai wulfs mikils
There was a large wolf on this meadow.
so þiwi was miþ þizai maujai und hina dag
The maid was with this girl until this day.
þai asnjos wesun ana þamma skipa
The workers were on the ship.
laisareis ize was froþs jah garaihts
Their (m.) teacher was wise and just.
ana þamma wiga wesun blindai
On that road were blind (people).
ƕar ist sa laisareis þeins ?
Where is that teacher of yours?
fairgunja is ni sind hauha
It's mountains aren't high.