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a country
et land
a flag
et flagg
a place
et sted; en plass
a visa
et visum
a boarding pass
et boardingkort
a passport
et pass
a ticket
en billett
an airport
en flyplass
a terminal
en terminal
a suitcase
en koffert
to travel
å reise
to visit
å besøke
to show
å vise
tung; kraftig (regn)
which city should we visit?
hvilken by burde vi besøke?
you have to have a ticket and a visa
du må ha en billett og et visum
you have to show your passport in the airport
du må vise passet ditt på flyplassen
we have to take a taxi
vi må ta en taxi
my luggage is too heavy
min bagasje er for tung