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What do you drink ?

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što piješ ?
what are you drinking ? (singular)
Pijem vino.
I drink wine.
Pijem kavu.
I drink coffee.
Pijem zeleny čaj.
I drink green tea.
Pijem sok.
I drink juice.
Pijem črnu kavu.
I drink black coffee.
Pijem kavu s mlěkom.
I drink coffee with milk.
s mlěkom
with milk
Pijem bělo vino.
I drink white wine.
Pijem vodu.
I drink water.
while, and
Ja pijem pivo, a ona pije sok s ledom.
I drink beer and she drinks juice with ice.
što pijete ?
what are you drinking ?
Pijemo kavu s mlěkom.
We drink coffee with milk.
Pijemo čaj s ledom.
We drink tea with ice.
A ty ?
And how about you ? (singular)