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to last, go on (for a certain amount of time) (X)
استمر في
to continue (في) doing something (X)
to read (a/a)
to forget (i/a)
to lift, raise something; to increase, boost something (a/a)
رفع على
to lodge (a complaint) against (على) someone
أصيب بـ
to suffer from (بـ) injuries / an illness (pass.) (IV)
أُصِيبَ إصَابَة طَفيفة
to suffer minor injuries (passive)
أُصِيبَ إصَابَة خَطيرة
to suffer serious injuries (passive)
تعلّق بـ
to be connected to, with (بـ) something or someone (V)
to decide, resolve (II)
قرّر أن
to decide to (أن)
to reveal, disclose (a/i)
كشف عن
to reveal that (عن)
كشف عن النقاب
to expose, uncover
كشف على
to examine (على) someone (medically)
طالب بـ
to demand, call for, require (بـ) something (from someone) (III)
to constitute, form, compose something (II)
to allow, permit (a/a)
سمح لـ
to allow, permit someone to...
اسمح لي
excuse me (allow me)
لو سمحت
please (if you don't mind)