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to come, show up; to attend
to own, possess, control something (a/i)
to move, march (a/i)
to let go, let (something) out (IV)
أطلق سراح
to release, set free someone
أطلق النار على
to fire, shoot at (على) someone
أطلق على
to call (على) someone or something (by name)
to count, enumerate something; to consider, something or someone as (a/u)
لا يعدّ
to transfer, transport something; to transmit (news); to translate something (a/u)
سعى إلى
to strive to / for (إلى) something
سعى وراء
to pursue, chase after (وراء) a goal
to install, set up something; to hold, host (event, party) (IV)
أقام في
to reside in, live, set up residence at / in (في)
to hold, conclude, convene (meeting) (a/i)
to register; to record (audio); to score (point) (II)