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أَحَلَّ‮ ‬مَحَلَّهُ
to take the place of
‏أَحَلَّ‮ الحلال
to treat as lawful that which is lawful (Islamic)
to park; to arrange; to queue (a/u)
to go astray (a/i)
ضَلَّ الطريق
to lose the way
to drive back, expel, deport (someone); to dismiss (from job) (a/u)
طرد من الوظيفة
to dismiss (someone) from a position
طرد الأجانب
to expel aliens, foreigners, refugees
سَئِم مِن
to be fed up with (مِن) (i/a)
to leave, separate; to divorce (II)
to attain (IV)
أَحْرَز تقدما
to gain ground, carry the day
أَحْرَز اِنْتِصاراً ساحِقاً
to win a landslide victory
أَحْرَز أَغْلَبيّة ساحِقة
to secure an overwhelming majority
to change, modify; to edit (text) (II)