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to respond, reply (IV)
أجاب... إلى... عن / على
to respond, reply to (إلى) someone (or a question) about (عن / على) something
أجاب إلى
to comply with (إلى) a request
أجاب بـ / أن
to answer, reply (بـ / أن) (yes or no)
أجاب بنعم أو لا
to answer yes or no (to a question or poll)
to be useful, beneficial (for someone) (IV)
أفاد أن / بأن
to report, inform that (أن / بأن) (IV)
أفاد بالتلفزيون أن
to report on (بـ) television that
to find; meet, encounter someone or thing (i/a)
to surmount, overcome; to go beyond, overstep; to disregard, bypass (VI)
تجاوز السّلطة
to overstep the proper bounds of authority, abuse power
to pass, spend (time, holiday); to fulfill (a duty) (a/i)
قضى على
to eliminate (على) someone or thing (a/i)
قضى بـ
to stipulate, decree (بـ) something
قضى عليه
to be sentenced (عليه)