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توجّه إلى
to go, head towards (إلى) (V)
توجّه نحو / إلى
to turn, face towards (نحو / إلى)
توجّه بـ
to direct (بـ) (a question)
to fly; to hurry; to travel by air (a/i)
طار عقله
to lose one's mind
لجأ إلى
to resort to (إلى), take refuge in (إلى) (a/a)
to rise, go up; to increase (i/a)
أشاد بـ
to praise, commend (بـ) something (IV)
تطلّع إلى
to look, glance at (إلى) something; to anticipate, look forward (إلى) to something (V)
أصّر على
to insist on, assert (على) something (IV)
to propose, suggest (VIII)
to vary, fluctuate, alternate (VI)
حرم من
to deprive someone (من) of (a/i,u)
to confirm, reinforce (II)
التزم بـ
to follow, adhere to (بـ) (rules, laws, plans); be committed to (بـ) something (VIII)