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التزم الصمت
to keep quiet
to last (an amount of time) (X)
استغرق في
to be immersed, engrossed in (في) (X)
to make someone or thing fall; to inflict, cause (damage) (II)
وقّع على
to sign (على) (a treaty)
to lock or bolt shut, to close (door) (IV)
تأثّر من / بـ
to be affected, influenced, impressed by (من / بـ) (V)
to be repeated, be reiterated; to be filtered, distilled; to be refined (petroleum) (V)
أطلّ على
to overlook, face, provide a view of (على) (a place) (IV)
أطلّ من
to look out of (من)
أطلّ برأسه من
stick one's head out of (من) (a window(
خضع لـ / إلى
to submit, yield to (لـ / إلى); to be subjected to (لـ / إلى); to undergo (لـ / إلى) (surgery) (a/a)
خصّص لـ
to specify, designate, single out someone or thing for (لـ); to allocate, set aside for (لـ) (II)
to be narrow or confined; to be tight (situation) (a/i)
اطّلع على
to review, examine, study (على); to read, peruse (على) (VIII)