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to bring, provide; to bring about, cause; to fetch, attract (a/i,u)
to receive, accept; to take on, assume (responsibility) (V)
اكتفى بـ
to be content, satisfied with (بـ) (VIII)
احتفظ بـ
to maintain, preserve, keep (بـ) something (VIII)
احتفظ لنفسه
to keep for oneself (VIII)
to win, gain; to earn, make (salary); to achieve, attain (a/i)
أَشْرَفَ على
to supervise (على); to moderate online; to overlook, provide a view of (على) something (IV)
to occur to someone spontaneously (feeling, thought, idea) (III)
بادَرَ على / بـ
to begin, take the initiative or rush to (على / بـ) (do something) (III)
to preoccupy, concern someone; to matter, be important (a/u)
هَمَّ بـ
to be concerned about (بـ) something
هَمَّ بـ / بِأنْ
to be about to (بـ / بِأنْ) (do something)
to be correct, be true; to be right (to do something) (a/i)
to renew, extend (permit); to renovate, modernize; to renew (efforts) (II)