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Unit 1 양보(Compromise)

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V는다고 해도
even though ~Verb, no matter how (much) ~Verb =AV더라도, AV아,어,해도
밤을 새운다고 해도 그거를 못 끝낼 거예요
Even if you stay up all night, you won't finish it. (to stay up: 밤을 새우다)
A다고 해도
even though ~ Adjective, no matter how (much) ~ Adjective
그 책이 아무리 비싸다고 해도 필요하다면 살 거예요
No matter how expensive the book is, if necessary, I will buy it.
아무리 늦어도 10시까지는 와야 해요
Even at the latest, you need to come back by 10.
N(이)라고 해도
even though ~ Noun, no matter how (much) ~ Noun (=N(이)더라도)
아무리 친구라고 해도 서로 지켜야 할 예의가 있어요
Even between friends, there are manners to keep.
AV아,어,해 봤자
even supposing one tries~, tried to do, even tif one suppose(hypothetically)
지금 출발해 봤자 늦을 거예요
Even if we leave now, we will be late.
V으나 마나
makes no differnce whether one does or not, there is no need to do
뛰어 가나 마나 늦을 거예요ᅧ
We will be late whether we run or not.
and yet, but, while, though
아이가 넘어지고도 울지 않아요
Even though the kid fell down, he/she is not crying. (to fall down: 넘어지다)
V기는 하지만
acknowledge the fact but~
한국 생활이 즐겁기는 하지만 아직 익숙해지지 않았어요
I enjoy living in Korean but I am not used to it yet. (to be used to Noun: N에 익숙해지다)
in spite of the fact that it is, depite that~
Mike가 여러 번 말했는데도 Susan은 Mike의 말을 안 들어요
Even though Mike have said it several times (to Susan), Susan doesn't listen to him.