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Unit 10 상태(State) 지속(Continuance)

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아 놓다
***(retentvie auxiliary verb) to get it done (so that it will be ready)
부산 여행 계획을 세워 놓았습니다.
I made plans to travel to Pusan.
은 채로
***just as it is, intact, as stands, with no change
우리는 옷을 입은 채로 물에 뛰어 들어갔어요.
We jumped into the water with our clotheres on, of course.
아 가다/오다
**gradually goes off doing (continuous performance of an action over time)
그 일이 잘 되어 갑니다.
That project is moving along nicely.
버스가 이쪽으로 달려 옵니다.
The bus is racing toward us in this direction.