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Unit 11 조건(Condition) 가정(Assumption)

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기만 하면
***only if one does,
저는 우유를 마시기만 하면 배가 아파서 안 마셔요.
Whenever I drink milk, I have a stomachache, so I don't drink it.
다 보면
***if~when one does it over a period of tiem, then [one discover]
아이들이 놀다 보면 싸울 수도 있지요.
It is only natural that children can fight with each other while playing.
***If one had done~been, [then]
1시간만 일찍 출발했더라면, 비행기를 탈 수 있었을 거예요.
If only you had left an hour earlier, you could have made it. (flight)