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Unit 3 추측 (Supposition)

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나 보다
it seems that
저 사람이 오늘 계속 웃는 것을 보니 기분이 좋나 봐요.
To see that pearson keep smilling today, he/she may be happy.
는 것 같다
It seems like, looks like
하늘이 흐린 것을 보니까 비가 올 것 같습니다.
My seeing the cloudy sky, it might rain
을 테니까
Since it is expectation/ or intention that
친구들이 기다리고 있을 테니까, 빨리 가자.
Our friends must be waiting, so let's go quickly.
을까 봐
Being worried that~,
오후에 비가 올 까봐, 우산을 갖고 왔어요.
Being worried that it might rain later afteroon, I have brought an umbellar with me.
는 모양이다
It looks like, it seems that
일찍 자는 걸 보니까 피곤한 모양이에요.
My seeing hime going to bed early, he must be tired.
을리가 없다
grounds or good reason do not exist to (exist 있다)
그 사람이 거기에 갈 리가 없어요.
There is no way that he/she would go there.
는 듯하다
비가 올 듯하네요.
Say, looks like it's going to rain!
I think (that an action is to come about in the future)
비가 곧 올걸요.
I strongly guess that it will rain soon.
을 텐데요
must be, would be
기차가 곧 출발할 텐데 서두릅시다.
The train must leave soon, so let's hurry up.