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Unit 4 순서 (Order)

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기가 무섭게
***as soon as (=자마자)
눕기가 무섭게 잠이 들었어요.
I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.
***(transferentive) do~did and then
학교에 가다가 친구를 만났어요.
On my way to schoo, I met a friend.
***just only to know: to signify that the completed, and directly experienced results of the event in the first clause continue into and serve as the grounds for the second clause
너무 웃었더니 배가 다 아픕니다.
I laughed hard, and [discover now that] my stomach hurts.
***as soon as (=기가 무섭게)
너무 피곤해서 씻자마자 잤어요.
Since I was so tired, I went to bed as soon as I took a shower.