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I can describe damage and repair

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put sth together
make or mend sth by joining all the different parts.
put sth up
construct sth such as a building, fence, some shelves, etc.
in sth/sb's place
instead of sth/sb
throw sth away
get ride of sth that you no longer want.
burn down
be destroyed by fire.
run into sth/sb
hit sth/sb with a car, bus, etc.
(n) a car, bus, etc. that has been so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired.
break sth down
make sth fall down or open by hitting it hard.
smash sth up
destroy sth deliberately (because you want to do it ).
smarten sth/sb up
make a place or person more attractive.
fall apart
starting to break.
tear sth to bits
destroying it by tearing it into pieces.